Connect Figma to your product backend

The world’s best design teams use Kernel to automate their designs and validation process

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Diagram showing the data flow from your APIs to Figma

Less copy-pasting, more time thinking

Stop inventing unrealistic data, dummy images or placeholder copy. Test your designs with content and data that your users will actually see.

If-this-then-that for your designs

Automatically set variant properties based on your data and content. Add logic and build genuine product behaviour into your designs.

Test your designs and ship better products

Stress test your designs with different text string lengths, multiple images and any complex data so there are fewer issues in production and everyone is on the same page with your designs.

Figma and Kernel logos next to each other.

Connect Figma to your product data

Design using logic and content from your product’s backend, without leaving Figma or writing a line of code

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